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2005: when the French said NO to Europe

This article has +5 years. Its content is probably outdated.

"On May 29, 2005, the French voted 55% against the Treaty of European Constitution. Placed in the spotlight, the supporters of the "yes" were supported by media, while the supporters of "no" have been shelved from them. Despite this partisan media campaign, the "no" won, and the French were treated as "populist."
Three years later, ignoring the vote Nicolas Sarkozy amends the Constitution and passes the law that ratifies the Lisbon Treaty, a copy of the European Constitution rejected in the referendum. A denial of democracy that marks a break between the French and the political elites and media."
(Marie-Noëlle Lienemann)

An exceptionally honest documentary (1).

Why did the French say "no" ?

In the draft constitution, there was too much room reserved for the free market and uninhibited finances, and not enough room for the people.
By the way: have you ever seen the Constitution that would count 483 pages ?!

A few days after the French, the Dutch decided the same (strongler: 61.6% of the votes against). Referendums in other EU member states... have been "suspended", then replaced by "parliamentary ratifications"... of the Lisbon Treaty.
Splendor of democracy!

The divorce between the French and the political elites continues:
— Sarkozy jumped after the first term;
— Holland, his successor on the throne, and the gravedigger on the left, too.
How long will last the Macron bubble ?

(1) the context of the broadcast challenges: the documentary was programmed for March 2, 2017 , that is to say during the stewardship intensive presidential election campaign in France. Since nothing happens by chance in the media, we can question which of the candidates it was supposed to serve...

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