Mohamed in Heaven

Mohamed in Heaven


A deceased Muslim arrives in Heaven.
He is very excited, because all his life he was waiting to meet Mohamed.

In front of the sky portal, he meet a man with a beard.
— Mohamed? — he asks.
— No, my son, I'm Peter. Mohamed is higher up.
And designates a ladder leading to the clouds.

Delighted that Mohamed is higher up than Pierre, the man climbed the ladder stride.

He meets another man with a beard.
— Mohamed? — he asks with hope.
— No, I'm Moses. Mohamed is higher up.

Mohamed higher up than Moses! The man can't believe it.

He climbs and climbs. Again he came across a bearded man and repeats his question:
— Mohamed?
— No, I'm Jesus. Mohamed is higher up.

Exhausted, but his heart filled with joy, he continues to climb the ladder and sees a bearded man again.
— Mohamed? — he asks breathlessly.
— Not my son, I am God. But you look exhausted. Do you want a coffee ?
— Certainly.

God turned, clapped his hands and said:
— Mohamed! Two coffees, please !!!