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Africa and the hypocrisy of the West (1)

The war in Ukraine from Africa's point of view. The chronicles by Alain Foka, Cameroonian journalist.

The West or the reason of the strongest

When the West starts a war, it is always in the "name of peace and justice in the world". Its problems are automatically those of the world and anyone who does not take a stand for it becomes an enemy that must be punished. Especially not to remind him of his crimes, his failures, his numerous wars that he almost never wins. This time, with Ukraine, the West has never been so isolated. But who will put an end to its dictatorship of thought which threatens world peace more than ever? Who will instill in it the humility that it lacks so much?

How to replace Russian and Ukrainian wheat in Africa?

What a humiliation for Africa, which owns more than 60% of the planet's arable land but depends for the most part on what it consumes from other continents. All it took for Africa is a war between two states (Russia and Ukraine), tens of thousands of kilometers away from here, and Africa is strongly threatened by a serious food crisis, with an unprecedented rise in prices.
The President of the African Union was forced to go and negotiate our wheat supply. What a show was it! Now that we know that the concept of aid does not develop a country, and that support for nations is variable geometry, how can we put an end to, or reduce, Africa's dependence on food from elsewhere?

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