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John Mearsheimer: The Darkness Ahead

Reliably documented view of prof. John Mearsheimer , a well known American political scientist, for the future of the Ukrainian conflict. He sees no chance for a positive solution.
Full original title: " The Darkness Ahead - Where The Ukraine War Is Headed ".
Date of publication: 23/06/2023

" The Darkness Ahead - Where The Ukraine War Is Headed  "

My comment:

As the French commentator, General Dominique Delawarde , rightly observes, prof. Mearsheimer ignores the economic and financial aspect of the war:

I think that he insufficiently addresses the economic and financial aspects of the global balance in the world. In my opinion, it is the evolution of this balance that will play a decisive role in the outcome of the tug-of-war between NATO and Russia in Ukraine (and elsewhere).

The tug of war will be won by the side with the greatest economic and financial resilience. On one side of the rope we have the Global West (US-EU-G7-AUKUS-NATO), on the other - the Multipolar World (Russia-BRICS-SCO  and others). Time is now working in favor of Russia and multipolarity, not in favor of the West, which is heavily indebted. More than two-thirds of the world's public debt is in the West, and 39% of it is in the US. The end of the virtual economy based on the Ponzi scheme, on the uncovered dollar and on debt is probably imminent.

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