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Covid, Tango and The Lagom Way

The whole planet did not get crazy in 2020. Sweden has resisted.

YouTube presentation:

"There is a crack in everything. That's how the light gets in"...

In 2020, Sweden was the only country in Europe whose Public Health Agency was independent from their Government Body. They saw 2020 through without lockdowns, masks or school closures, which rendered them a lower death spike than most of Europe. Check how they did it...

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Trapped in lockdown between the two extremes of Coronavirus deniers and lockdown orthodoxy, Nye is intrigued by Sweden’s approach: no lockdown, no school closures, no masks. She manages to secure an exclusive interview with Chief Epidemiologist Anders Tegnell, whose steely resolve not to buckle under world mainstream media pressure means – among other things, tango dancing is allowed in Stockholm!

Claudia Nye is a BAFTA nominated filmmaker. Brought back to documentaries for the sake of the future of her children, Nye travels from UK to Sweden to learn about their unique Covid-19 strategy.

She is also a qualified Relationship Counsellor, which she’s been practicing over the past ten years. She travelled to Stockholm with photo-journalist Sean Spencer and together they made this documentary.

Music by Sand Mandala